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Living Care Lifestyles and Legacy Advisor Partnership Launched

Published 5/9/2018

Living Care Lifestyles Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer David Haack, with Elizabeth Brooks of Legacy Advisor

Another perfect blend! We are honored to announce our partnership with Seattle-based Living Care Lifestyles, a premier leader in senior housing for over 17 years. With communities located throughout the West Coast and a brand new Memory Care community opening any day in lovely West Seattle, Living Care Lifestyles is a company to watch. Their unique approach to senior care is “brilliant!”, says Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer David Haack. “We strive to offer brilliant senior living which means we value the whole person; mind, body and spirit and offer a lifestyle that is second to none.”

The benefits of partnership with senior housing communities is to help ‘start the conversation’, to be a resource when needed, and to help gently shift the current mind-set of taking about end of life decisions. With over 3 million people passing away annually in the United States, Legacy Advisor is well-positioned to offer immediate assistance to those who have suffered a loss and those wanting to plan ahead for their own funeral. Recently launched in both Washington and Oregon states, Legacy Advisor will be on-boarding many senior housing companies and care providers to best support end of life planning needs.

Partnering with Legacy Advisor affords our company a competent and much needed resource that our families, residents and staff can benefit from. It is about time someone shed light on this sometimes mysterious topic so that we, as senior housing provider experts, have the proper resources to provide to our families who trust us with healthcare resource referrals.” –David Haack, Living Care Lifestyles

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